We’ve Installed CAPTCHA

As a fledgling start-up, we are going run into some obstacles and challenges and in true social entrepreneurial spirit we will share those experiences with you. A nuisance issue for any online presence is spam and bots. In a benign form they add clutter, at their worst they can be a powerful(dangerous) social engineering tool, fooling unsuspecting victims into clicking on malicious links.

We’ve been getting quite a few bots leaving some interesting comments, some of which are quite bizarre. In order to combat that, we’ve added a CAPTCHA (short for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) It may ask you for culinary advise before letting you post. Rather than moderating posts this will allow your comments to be instantly viewable, so hopefully it won’t be too annoying. Time will tell if this keeps the bots away.

Next time you  battle a CAPTCHA with illegible writing, know that your helping commercial and non-profit organizations to digitize printed information.


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  1. Moe Kalem says:

    Has this new administrative control eliminated the malicious and inferior activities by the bots?

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