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Looking to start up your own business as a student or recent graduate can be daunting, having put work in to start up ventures for university projects I am well aware of this. In addition to this students are faced with having a student loan hanging over their heads which can deter young people from trying to start up their own venture. Despite these factors there are avenues to gain start up funding for your idea as well as receiving expertise from potential investors.

Crowd funding websites are becoming extremely valuable tools for people to gain the cash required to start up their business. An example of these websites is Kickstarter which allows you to invest in various ideas. The concept behind this is you only hand over money if the idea receives the right amount of funding and gets started, if it doesn’t start up you receive your money back. The internet provides amazing opportunities for young entrepreneurs to connect with people who might be interested in investing. This could be through Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter or various crowd funding and investment sites.

The following article contains good advice for young entrepreneurs who are concerned about starting up a business with a student loan:


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  1. Moe Kalem says:

    Try receive assistance through your Local MP’s as well. If you have great innovative, and creative concepts which may potentially eventuate into boosting local jobs eventually downstream your Local MP would be interested in hearing your plans and supporting you. A petition through your community may also support grounds to lobby your case to an MP.

    • Michael Baxter says:

      That is a great point you raise. Government grants are a viable source to receive funding for a small business, especially for university students. My colleagues and I are currently developing a social venture aiming to decrease the number of animals in animal shelters. We are looking down the path of applying for a government grant to assist with funding

  2. Moe Kalem says:

    Yes the government and MP’s will always be interested in providing initiatives towards future of Australian entrepreneurial. While social media is cost effective and gauges with communities and users one on one, it is more or less becoming cliche. Consequently, it can also have its repercussion, as such expose your innovation to the world at no cost to them.

    Another great exposure tool to use is your local museums. They always have areas in there sectioned off and provided tor students and or talented individuals locally intending to promote their valuable inventions that may be viable to our industry/economy.

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