Responsibilities/cost of owning a dog

Dogs are amazing creatures and can add endless amounts of joy to the right family. Many dog owners view their dog as part of the family and even as an extra child. This kind of affection for dogs can provide fantastic homes and see pet and owner share many happy years together. Many people fall for the trick of seeing a dog and instantly falling in love with it, next thing they know they are heading to the local pet shop to buy a dog bed and pet food. When purchasing a dog however people must  the realize the financial and non financial responsibilities that come with looking after a dog.

Dog’s can live for up to fifteen years which is a long commitment. During this commitment this dog will need to be fed, walked and given the opportunity to socialize every day. Damage around the house has to be expected, especially with a puppy which is likely to tear up anything it lays its eyes on. One must also ask themselves if their lifestyle, living arrangements etc are equipped to successfully care for a dog. The following article gives a detailed description of the things a consumer must consider before purchasing a dog:

One of the most important factors in purchasing a dog is weather you have enough money to provide all the necessities required. The lifetime cost of owning a dog can be $10000 – $15000 and can vary depending on its health. Many new pet owners underestimate the cost of owning a pet which can lead to a nasty surprise. The following article outlines the costs of dogs and other pets:

The worst thing that you can do for an animal is bring it home only to realise you cant care for it properly, eventually having to part ways with the animal. Lastly the golden rule of buying a pet is go to an animal shelter and give a homeless animal a good home!!!

Help guys like this find a good home, adopt from animal shelters #animallovers #animalshelters

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  1. Cherryn Jean says:

    I am very guilty of falling in love with dogs when I first see them, I really understand the urge to just buy them and bring them home. Even I, with the knowledge of where the cute little puppies came from, still feel the urge to come and pet them; think about the others that are not aware of the issue of puppy farms? Living in Australia is not cheap, costs of rent, food, utilities and other necessities can really add up to a huge amount. Wanting to have a pet needs a lot of consideration, not only that they require a lot of care and love, they also cost a lot. Besides the hefty costs, they also need to be trained so they won’t behave badly out in the society.
    I knew a friendly Dalmatian dog named Matilda, she’s very playful and active. Because of her personality, she likes to say hi to people, no matter how big or small. Unfortunately for small children, Matilda is pretty big to handle and also have a lot of strength compared to children. One day when she was playing in a park, she noticed a friendly little girl, so she ran to her to say hi but the result is fatal. Matilda hurt the little girl, though fortunately the girl’s parents did not press charges as it was purely an accident.
    So pet owners, not only that they should think about costs, they should also train them to behave a certain way.

  2. Michael Baxter says:

    It is only natural for animal lovers to fall in love with a cute dog upon first sight. However educating people on the responsibilities that come with owning a dog is crucial in developing good pet owners. This is extremely important in people who have never bought a pet before, as in time the financial burden along with the large amount of care needed can become overwhelming. That is a sad story about Matilda! Training is a key element in raising a dog so they can develop the ability to interact with other dogs and people. Hopefully more people are beginning to realize what is required to successfully own a pet!!

    • Cherryn Jean says:

      It is a very sad story about Matilda, hopefully with this story people will be aware that having pets are not just for the companion and cuteness, but they also need to know everything there is to know about owning a pet. Or else they will be in big trouble and even worst, thinking of giving up their pets :(

  3. I can relate to your post as I’ve seen it first-hand with friends that were given a puppy as a gift because they fell in love with the cuteness. It was all fun and games until the puppy grew up, required walks, training and all the other responsibilities.

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