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I am excited to start up this series of blog posts on behalf of Pettle, a start up university project aimed at connecting homeless pets with animal lovers. The first topic I am going to touch on is Animal cruelty. Animal cruelty has been a hot topic of discussion in Victoria with many puppy factories having been exposed and shut down. Laws have been put in place to bad these horrific operations which place dogs in unacceptable living conditions. Puppies are then bred and sold to consumers, often through local bet shops or the breeder himself. Organisations such has Oscars Law and the RSPCA have done exceptional work in order to highlight the unacceptable conditions that puppy factories provide and in turn have then banned in Victoria It is reported that 95% of puppies sold in local pet shop windows are puppy factory puppies. If consumers are willing to outlaw these puppies they must boycott the urge to impulse buy upon looking at these pet shop windows. Caring about animals means caring where they come from and in order to clean out this industry and support the well being of animals in general puppy farm puppies must not be purchased. When buying from breeders precautions must be taken as well in order prevent supporting puppy farms. Inspection of dogs is essential before purchase, a key sign that the breeder is operating a puppy farm is if they want to meet in a neutral location away from the place of breeding. Victorian Parliament has outlawed puppy farms and made them illegal. In New South Wales however they are still prominent with fines being handed out once they are uncovered. This is followed with an issue to apply for a permit so they can be a legal operation. New south wales must follow in Victoria’s footsteps and outlaw these places of brutality and cruelty. Here is a very insightful article in to puppy farms by Debra Tranter: A recent article in the Sydney Morning Herald urging NSW MP Mike Baird to ban puppy farms: follow pettle on twitter: @PettleORG


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