What is Pettle

Hello world! Let me tell you what Pettle is all about!

We are a group of students that is doing a little project for our Social Entrepreneurship subject. The idea first came up when we were asked to do a 60 seconds elevator pitch of our own social enterprise. As easy as a 1 minute presentation sound, it was surprisingly hard for me to come up with something! I’m Cherryn by the way. I thought about optimising recycled plastic bottles, I almost went for the idea until I realised that it is not what I’m passionate about. In general, doing something that you don’t particularly have passion for tend to become hard work and that pushed me to get another idea that I would be excited to share to other people!

A couple of days before the presentation was due, and I saw a video by Animals Australia. Here it is:

I have always lived with pets, I love my 2 dogs so much. I felt so frustrated with myself when I realised that I don’t actually know where they came from and never bothered to find out. I guess coming from Indonesia (developing country), where there are much more ‘important’ issues to be addressed, no one really bothered to raise awareness for animal welfare. I was disappointed with myself, however it drove me to find a way to help those helpless animals.

After doing a research on pets, i found out that there are 200,000 shelter animals are euthanised each year in Australia and New Zealand alone, 200,000! Think of all those cute little faces :( Those animals could have been saved from death rows if they were adopted! Adopting may not get you the particular breed and age of a pet that you really want, nonetheless it does save one of the 200,000 precious animal lives.

So this is how Pettle was born! Our plan is to make a social media platform, exclusively for animals in shelters. Profiling them to the best of our abilities, including videos and pictures that will depict their unique and funny characters. Ultimately making them more appealing for people to adopt them and find them a home for life. Do you like our idea? Here are ways to support us:

Like and share our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pettleorg

Follow our twitter account @PettleOrg and instagram account @pettleorg



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