Kittens For Everyone!

We use facebook for group assignments, to interact with other group mates or uni friends, or just simply for fun. One page that I’m following is called Monash StalkerSpace. Almost every university in Melbourne has a StalkerSpace page, it is a page that students join into to interact with other students that goes to the particular uni. Students posts assignment related posts, funny pictures, or events that is happening at the university.

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There are over 42,000 members in Monash StalkerSpace and on May 14th 2015, Monash StalkerSpace became Monash PetSpace! It was exciting times for Pettle to be looking at a lot of animal related posts and the love that people have towards animals. Until 1 particular post popped up late at night that day, one student found 9 kittens under his car, seems like it belongs to one of his neighbours. Winter is just around the corner, and especially at night, it is so cold that even people with winter jackets still shiver. Unfortunately the kittens were left outside in the cold and rain without any blankets or food to be seen. He tried to knock on the door but there was no answer. He posted on Monash StalkerSpace to ask for advice on what to do, this is the image that the student posted:



Within minutes of the picture being posted, the response was so overwhelming a couple of students offered to go to the address to save the kittens from the cold! A bunch of other students were offering to adopt the kittens too, if need be. The post got over 540 likes and 309 comments, people were so angry about how the ‘owner’ of the kittens treated them. Later that day they saved the kittens and they are ready to be adopted!

The power of social media is so powerful because it can reach thousand within seconds, with a picture and a short description about any situation, the response will show what really matters. This is what Pettle wants to do! Make people aware that 200,000 pets could’ve been saved from death rows each year if they know what the issue is. Powerful stories like this is what keeps Pettle going. Fortunately, people do care :)

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  1. Absolutely agree with this!
    Never actually thought how powerful it was until i needed help do some testing card for Uni and one resource I use it was conducting interviews through facebook. People from everywhere not only answer the questions but also give me new ideas for my project, moreover couple of days after, they started asking me for the results and they wanted me to give it a go and make it happen.
    And on top of all the benefits mentioned before.. social media is free!

  2. Cherryn Jean says:

    It is crazy how the world is changing so much over the years. Facebook was created in 2004, within 11 years it has become a part of our lives so much that its bizarre if someone doesn’t have a facebook account. It’s such an easy tool to use that can reach millions of people within a short period of time, it is such a useful tool to start something like Pettle :)

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