Difference between dogs and cats

Many people have questions and doubts when choosing a pet for their home. Although, you can think of many possibilities (birds, fishes, etc.) the more often picked tend to be dogs and cats. However, what are the differences between one and the other? Take notes:

  • Dogs respond when the owners call them. On the other hand, cats would get the message and even though some of them end up coming, normally they would only attend the call when they want to.
  • Dogs can be showered every now and then. Besides, cats shower themselves.
  • In case of an emergency like a fire, dogs would bark to let you know something is wrong, whereas cats would find the closest exit and leave.
  • Dogs can be trained to bring things such as: thongs, newspaper, and shopping bags. Cats contrarily may bring you trophies such as: rats, and another rodents.
  • When you arrive home after a busy day of hard work, your dog will be at the door, moving his tail and jumping of happiness. On the contrary, cats will stare at you from the distance.
  • When you scold a dog he will lay down his head and hide his tail. However, cats won’t be undeterred, they may only yawn.
  • When traveling with dogs in a car, the only thing you need would be a belt, while cats would be traveling in a special cage made for them.



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