Christmas Kitten

Think twice before considering giving a cute kitten or puppy as a gift. The little furry bundle of joy may be a symbol of good intentions but unless the recipient is prepared for the responsibilities of pet care, that pet may grow up to be neglected or abandoned. Only the recipient truly knows if they are up to the task of caring for a pet companion and if they have the right lifestyle to provide for all the needs of the pet.

If you’re considering a pet, then a few questions must be considered..

  • Is your environment suitable for a pet? If you are considering a puppy or dog, are they able to run stray through a gap in the fence or a bad gate and is your space large enough for them?
  • Do you have the time to train and play with your new pet, go to the vet and have a plan for when you go on holidays?
  • If your thinking of getting a pet for your child, are they ready to take on some of the responsibilities of caring for their new companion, and what will you do if they lose interest?
  • Are you ready for the financial responsibility such as food, toys, vet and health costs and any damage your new family member may cause?

Giving a pet as a gift should be taken very seriously and only if the recipient actually wants a pet, when they are 100% sure, join them in the experience of finding the right one.. but let them make the choices and always visit local animal shelters rather than pet shops or breeders.


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  1. Cherryn Jean says:

    Talking about kittens made me want to share a bit about overbreeding of cats. Although 90% of owned cats are desexed, the amount of cats and kittens being surrendered is still at a rate that the community cannot re-home -> leads to euthanisation of animals :(

    Many people do not realise that cats can be pregnant by 4 months of age, fortunately most shelters desex all the cats and dogs they re-home at this early age. Research has shown it is just as safe and less stressful on the animal as well.

    So, if you want to give kittens or cats as a gift, make sure you desex them to avoid overbreeding! :) Oh and, adopt dont shop!

    • I agree, cats can be prolific breeders and when cat owners don’t desex their pets it not only places a huge burden on shelters to euthanase, but it also increases feral cat populations that can have a devastating impact on native animals and birds.

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