Behind Puppy´s farms

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It is really unbelievable and somehow ridiculous the way that most of the current animal´s shop are getting pets for their convenience to make profits, the scary figure of (more than) 95% of the pets that they sell are unfortunately from those horrendous and awful puppy-farms and backyard breeders. but, let me explain you what exactly those little cute animals go through in a “normal” puppy farm. Firs of all, the animals are most likely to be in cages, with no companionship, they can not run, play , socialize or go to the toilet, which it also enforces the highly unhygienic conditions that surrounds them, furthermore, there is an inadequate veterinary care conditions, where animals do not get vaccination, diseases increase and spread all over in those overcrowded houses. On top of all of that, those little animals are very difficult to rescue and re home, because they have known nothing but a cage their entire life, therefore they really struggle to cope and interact with an outside world and they will now would not be able to be a puppy or to be rehabilitate, therefore they have to be euthanized. For all of the above reason, it is easy to see that puppy farms are definitely not benefiting animals at all, and they should be banned and abolished. Let´s raise awareness and spread some love for all beautiful animals. #puppyfarmawareness #animals #iheartanimals #resueanimals



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  1. Michael Baxter says:

    I completely agree with this article. Puppy farms are horrible operations which provide unsatisfactory conditions for dogs. Victoria has completely outlawed pupy farms which is fantastic, however NSW has not yet. This needs to be changed as these puppy farms can not continue to take place. Personally I find it disturbing watching videos of puppy farms, and it is a horrible way to treat such a beautiful animal

  2. Tobi Nagy says:

    Treatment of animals this way is both an outrage and an outdated concept. When will we ever get it?

    I guess its up to compassionate people like yourselves to push the way forward.

    • Cherryn Jean says:

      It is one thing to be aware of the horrible issue, and a completely different thing to be aware and take necessary actions. There is no use of being sad about this sad reality, if one don’t do anything about it. Hopefully Pettle can bring people to speak up, help and take actions. With the use of social media, helping is so easy, so there shouldn’t be any reason not to help out and end this issue.

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