Animal Profiling in Pettle

There are countless amounts of videos and pictures of animals on facebook or any other social media platforms. People especially in Australia are very animal oriented and are willing to help and take actions if they are aware of the issue. Pettle’s goal is to gather animal lovers together where they can; post, share, comment and of course help. The main issue the Pettle want to address is banishing puppy farms to ultimately decrease the 200,000 animals in shelter death toll.

People like videos and pictures, it engage them as it is very visual and it takes seconds to understand the message. Pettle’s aim is to profile each and every animal in shelters in details through pictures and videos. The profiles will not only be main information like name, breed and age; but it will contain more emotional value. Funny videos on their characteristics, descriptions of their silly behaviours and pictures of their funny faces will all be there! We will hopefully be able to grab people’s attention and raise awareness about the issue.

We want to follow the guide of a book called The Dragonfly Effect, to find ways to use social media to drive social change. We need to focus, grab attention, engage and take action.

1. Our focus is to get people to adopt and to know the importance of adopting.

2. Pettle’s way of grabbing people’s attention is by touching their feelings through showing that all animal deserves a loving home. Videos and pictures would be perfect for grabbing attentions as they are very visual and people nowadays are more inclined to look at visuals rather than reading.

3. After grabbing people’s attention, the way to make people engage is by showing personalities of different animals. Profiling the animals will be like telling a story, if people are touched enough, they would most probably do something to help and take actions.

4. Lastly but the most importantly is action. Beside animal profiles, members can also report abuse and lost & found pets. Making animals in shelter more appealing is the goal, but if we would like to also help animal welfare in general.

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  1. Michael Baxter says:

    I think that getting people to adopt animals is a fantastic idea, as you said there are nearly 200,000 animals in animal shelter death toll. Profiling them in a clever way plays a big role as many people see animal shelter dogs as unappealing. Changing this perception of animals in animal shelters is important in incrasing the amount of animals adopted. Allowing peoeple looking for an animal to establish a connection and gain an insight in to a potential pet is very important. The chances of people adopting are much higher is they see a funny video, a nice picture or even read a short bio about an animal.It’s a fantastic idea as a new pet owner I can say that I would have loved the opurtinity to dicover more about dogs I was looking at

  2. Cherryn Jean says:

    It is one thing being an animal lover that wants to help, and it’s a completely different thing to make sure your help counts! There is pretty much no use of being sad about the puppy farm situation if there are no actions to back it up. Starting Pettle would require a lot of time and constant hard work, only the ones that are really passionate about it that will truly help in finding solutions for the problem at hand. Hopefully with the 4 tools to guide Pettle, it can grab people’s attention and more importantly make them feel the need to take action! Go Pettle :) !

  3. I also think that profiling animals is a great idea and it will make a huge difference between buying an animal from a puppy farm rather than adopting a perfect match, personality and special features that people are looking for. Nobody can buy a dog with the exact personality they want, they may look very pasive behind a cage of glass but as soon as you bring them home they wont stop jumping and biting around, or vice versa. What a revolutionary idea!

    • Cherryn Jean says:

      Thank you for your comment, hopefully with the four tools of the Dragonfly Effect by using social media to drive social change, we can reach our goal of banishing puppy farms and support adoption!

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