Less Than 6 Degrees of Separation

Sharing is caring and with the power of social media tools such as twitter and facebook we can have incredible reach.

There is a theory first presented by a Hungarian author Frigyes Karinthy in 1929 that states everyone is at most 6 people away from any other person by friend of friend chains. Studies by Facebook and twitter have proven the theory true and the degree of separation of these networks was found to be about 4.7 degrees. So the old statement of the world is getting smaller is true.
Six Degrees Of SeperationWhy does this matter? Well it’s easier than ever for your voice to be heard by anyone in the world, and for organizations such as ours to spread awareness.

Sharing worthy messages is a simple act in its self, but it adds momentum to the snowball and eventually reaches the right places where it can really make a difference.


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